Field PVT | Field PVT what we do
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Field PVT what we do

Field PVT (Pty) Ltd does fluid phase analysis in the field, to give early qualitative data to investors, subsurface and production engineers.  This lead us to bringing the PVT-laboratory to the point of sampling.

The classic way of transferring samples from point of sampling to analysis in the laboratory is open to errors and confusion.   For example; figures of 95% of sampling can go wrong resulting in 10% hydrocarbon production miss-allocated and 25% of hydrocarbon production unaccounted for.

In collaboration with oil & gas companies we have identified the unstable gas condensates causing problems in the production processes facilities and also in the PVT laboratory analysis. This lead to two inventions; fluid phase analysis and composition analysis at sampling point.



Field PVT (Pty) Ltd give total services; bottom-hole and processes facility sampling with fluids phase and critical analysis.

We also provide lectures, training, write pvt-procedures, set up sampling departments and design mobile pvt-laboratories.

We have a proud list of  oil&gas companies, oil&gas service companies, geothermal companies, scientific companies that we have worked with.