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Field PVT benefits

Field PVT benefits

Many laboratory analyses standards are written for where the samples are brought to the laboratory. The more the better, which will help with a trend, but what if you have one sample, a unique sample costing the client millions to find, and billions if it is poorly analysed?

The energy industry integrates many different skills and has the habit of listening to silly questions.  It is through this and collaboration that Field PVT (Pty) Ltd came into existence.

We asked: does the sample represent the current process?  What goes wrong during handling of the sample and what happens during storage? The freshness of the sample leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to standards.

We developed an art of sampling with analyses on site to reduce the handling of the sample, as well as the aging of the sample, and prequalify the sample for detail analyses.

The spin off for the client are onsite decisions like: the reservoir was good, but the performance of the well and production design was poor, operational time is reduced,  smaller footprint, lower equipment mobilization and finding lost or misallocated production of up to 35%!