Field PVT | Geothermal Wells
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Geothermal Wells

Geothermal Wells

Why build nuclear power stations if Mother Earth provides, you simply have to tap into it.  Field PVT in collaboration with our partners, has extensive experience in PVT-sampling and analyses of geothermal wells.  Cities like Paris, Copenhagen and Dutch glasshouse farmers were our challenges, and this year Munich has its own fantastic project.

Tapping into Geothermal Mother Earth’s Nuclear Power Station is easy.  Just travel to Munich Zoo and next to it you will find a power station with two wells 10 meters apart on surface, but finished roughly 2000 meters apart below surface.   The depth of those wells may vary between 2000 to 3000 meters in a geological layer which allows easy fluid flow.


How this works is ambient water is pumped into one well and the other well receives hot water of between 80 ad 90 degrees Celsius.  This in turn is pumped into 80.000 households or 143 hectares of glasshouse farming.

Why the need for Field PVT?  Water has bubbles! That means gas! We can identify and measure this, for two main reasons:

  • From a legislative point of view, do these wells now change from a geothermal well into a gas well?
  • Technically gas means pressure, how much will infrastructure cost to handle this pressure?