Field PVT | Wax onset
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Wax onset

Wax onset

A geologist was not sure if he had to report to his Minister of Gas or the Minister of Oil.

There were questions surrounding the results of the outsourced wireline formation tester as well as the slick-line Bottom-Hole-Sampler (BHS).

Field PVT was called in

We started with a simple slick-line-BHS intervention, with results from a birds-nest to a work-over-unit with slick-line-BHS and a well-test package.

The well-test package showed a gas-field and Field PVT with our on-site slick-line BHS with Mini-Well test showed an oil-field!

It transpired that the oil had masses of wax and froze in a stratum which was still in the ice-age, this meant only light gasses could percolate to surface to show a gas-field.

The Minister of Oil won.